Page 1 Page 2 Page 3 Page 4 Page 5 Page 6 Page 7 Page 8 Page 9 Page 10 Page 11 Page 12 Page 13 Page 14 Page 15 Page 1611 Bedfords Review | Issue Four Exceptional People JESSE QUIN Musician and entrepreneur Brought up in Suffolk and now living in Woodbridge with his family, Jesse Quin is something of a local hero. A successful musician, (bass guitarist with popular band Keane), he has turned his hand and enthusiasm to something completely different. “I met lots of people who, like me, needed studio or office space, but couldn't find anywhere. Then I discovered the disused US Air Force Command Centre at Bentwaters Parks.” The bland sixties red-brick building needed considerable investment to make it useable again, but he was undaunted. Jesse called his new venture, appropriately, Old Jet, and his plan, 'build it and they will come', has proved to be spot-on. As Jesse began rebuilding and decorating, word spread like wildfire, and photographers, musicians, artists, designers and writers moved in as soon as the paint was dry. He has given the whole place his idiosyncratic style – a happy and comfortable mix of home and office – which visitors and tenants alike say is inspirational and uplifting. Limoncello, in East London, in 2007. Her approach to her gallery has always been as a sympathetic curator. “I need to work with good people, people who are not egotistical, who are nice to be around,” she says, and believes wholeheartedly in nurturing emerging artists with similar creative values. Alice Browne, Bedwyr Williams, Cornelia Baltes, Gabriele De Santis and Kate Owens are not household names now perhaps, but with Rebecca's stamp of approval, well worth watching out for. Rebecca is married to Ryan Gander, the renowned conceptual artist, and the couple have moved to Suffolk, back to Rebecca's home county. It's that clichéd life- work balance that Rebecca finds demanding, taking two children to school before hopping on a train to London. “I travel a lot too, of course. But it's part of my job, to go to art shows and fairs, to take my empty buildings which can be converted.” He wants to run a small film festival and has a couple of secret projects which, when launched, will be equally exciting. It's hard to keep up with his plans, but knowing Jesse, they will all have his stamp of style, individuality and success. REBECCA MAY MARSTON Renowned gallery ownerand curator Rebecca May Marston is an internationally respected gallery owner who, together with Barnie Page, opened This artistic enclave is set incongruously among hangars, bunkers and runways at Bentwaters Parks, where more than thirty other businesses and a burgeoning film industry inhabit its two- thousand-acre site. Jesse organises creative courses, talks, random get- togethers, monthly work sessions and parties, yet still has time to play his guitar and record music. Old Jet is as much a community centre as a work environment, which is exactly how he envisaged it. And, Jesse says, “there's so much potential here, all these JELLY GREEN Artist At just 24, Suffolk artist Jelly Green has achieved a level of success that is astonishing. While still in herteens, she was chosen to study part-time underMaggi Hambling, had herfirst sell-out solo show and was taken on by a London gallery. Jelly is immensely talented, herintensely-coloured oils and charcoal drawings burst with life and vivacity. HerOld Jet studio is ranged with works in progress fora long list of commissions and huge canvases destined forhernext solo exhibition in summer2017.