14 December 2016

In certain parts of Norfolk and Suffolk, the market is more seasonal than elsewhere; as any local resident knows, the coastal villages and beaches that are thronged with holiday-makers during the warmer months become quieter (and often the better for it) out of season.

In the property market, this can create a difficulty. A house that goes on the market in November may well fail to attract serious interest before the following spring, by which time it will have been listed online for five months and may well have received thousands of hits.  Clearly, there is a real danger of the house looking ‘stale’ and more importantly, buyers may well feel justified in making a lower offer to reflect the fact that the house has been on the market for some months already.

To counter this, we offer clients an alternative, whereby their house is offered to active buyers registered on our database along with those looking at similar properties, without any other marketing exposure. This way if the house does not find a buyer during the quieter season, we are able to launch it online and in the press when activity levels pick up without any disadvantage to the seller.

If you are interested in discussing how a discreet approach might benefit you, or if you want to ensure you know about every house that is available, please call us.

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