Remember September!

7 September 2021

A taste of normality sets in as the children go back to school after a long summer break. Whilst the market remains very strong, one cannot help believe a large part of the market was restricted by the usual summer childcare challenges or enjoying a well-earnt break somewhere in the UK.

Now that we are in September, typically stock levels should rise to a healthier state which we very much hope will feed a starved collection of purchasers, something that has been problematic this year, following the huge levels of activity in 2020.

Whether the lack of stock of quality property nationwide is simply just the result of the mass of property transactions from last year, time will tell, but the appetite from both local buyers and those around London remains eager and often competitive.

Suffolk and Norfolk continue to be very much identified as ‘hot spots’ by the new breed of buyer looking to distance themselves from the city, working from home more regularly, but not wanting to be too far away should a weekly visit to the office be necessary. As a result we are keen to discuss your property should you consider September the month to market.

If you are thinking of a move, we would be really keen to hear from you. We think September could be another bumper month, so do get in touch via our ‘contact us’ page or simply go to your local office page and give us a call.